Tips for Staying Motivated in College

October 18, 2017

We have all had that point in the semester where we are so burnt out from our midterm tests, and we have no motivation to do anything. The weather is changing to the chilly fall days, and your favorite Halloween movies are finally coming back on. Okay so you are allowed to have a couple lazy days in your cozy sweatpants drinking a chai latte, its totally normal! But here are some tips that will allow you to have those days and still be motivated to finish off your semester strong, because we all know Christmas break is just around the corner! 

1) First on the list is keeping a planner with you at ALL times! This is a must to keep organized and make you stay on track. It is an essential that it should be in your school bag to jot down quick notes from your professor, let you know of any upcoming exams, quizzes, etc. You don't need to spend crazy money on the fancy planners, Target's $10 planners will work just as great (and they are really cute)! You have to find something that you really love, or you are just going to throw it in a random drawer and never look at it again. Use colored pens and stickers to make the inside appealing to look at, and something you are going to want to pull out in class!

2) Planning out your weeks! Having a white board or a note pad that you are able to go more in-depth day by day of your week is essential! For me because even though I write everything down in my planner, I still like something out in the open so I can see what my week is going to be like more in-depth. I have a giant weekly white board hanging on my wall that I got from HomeGoods over the summer, and it is a life saver! Also, in the "dollar section" in Target has really cute stationary stuff for $1. I got a note pad that is about a half piece of paper that has Sunday-Saturday listed out and it is a great tool to plan my week.. 

3) Having a great place you can relax in. My go-to place is my room! This year I live in an on campus apartment with three of my best friends. It is nice because we all have our own rooms, but we also have a full kitchen and living room that is great for hanging out. My bedroom is the best place to unwind or cozy up in bed and watch my favorite TV show on Netflix. Hanging some string lights above your bed, burning a warm yummy fall candle, with a bunch of pillows and blankets is my trick. It instantly puts you in a zen mood and a great place to relax after a long day!

4) Finding a place on campus to study and crank out work. I can't stress this enough, having a place that isn't your bedroom that gets you motivated with no distractions is key. For me it is hard to sit in my apartment and do my homework because I get distracted really fast because I have an attention span like a squirrel (not kidding). I love going to our coffee shop on campus, because it is usually kind of quiet and I am able to focus and get a lot of work done. Plop your buns at your nearest Starbucks and get to work!

All of these tips are my essentials for staying motivated during the semester. Sometimes you need to have those lazy days that you don't want to do anything, and that is okay. But if you can't make a habit of it or you will be retaking Math 101 for the 3rd time around. I hope these tips helped! Comment below your favorite tips for staying motivated at school!


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